Monday, January 4, 2010

any paradigm can be proven true

i know this is a painful fact. we want our vision of reality to be true for everyone. otherwise, we feel alone.

hey, wake up. you are alone!

so it's a matter of constructing (choosing) the world in which you wish to live. this can be the dream world, the religious world, the artistic. or the scientific. if you haven't read heisenberg's autobiography, i heartily recommend it. why shouldn't he believe in the 'uncertainty principle' after everything he'd been through.

the sparticist uprising in munich, the rise of the nazi party, the making of rockets (to avoid making atomic weapons for the hitler). if we knew history, we wouldn't be surprised by the everyday news.

yes, you can prove there is a god, that there is no god, that we vanish without a trace or inhabit a tavern forever after.

the consequence is: you can believe whatever you want, as long as you don't force it on other people (be happy only you live in your universe), and because anything can be proven true, we live in a world of mystery. if you can learn to live without answers, you'll mine a rich life.

and speaking of the mysterious, just watched this documentary on the composer phillip glass:

i find his music mesmerizing. of course, it's not for everyone. his mind somehow inhabits the same space as mine, yet in my own case i'd rather create preparations and climaxes, rather traditional, classical stuff.

okay, new year's resolutions. find a way to physically exercise and learn to love it. secondly, not worry about creating new stuff, but working with the mountain of inspirations i've already had.

sounds easy, doesn't it? alas, we usually have to be scared to death to make a real change.

here are photos from a delightful review, 'everything but the kitchen sink' put together by allison rich.