Friday, April 26, 2013

"Don't try to be great, just be solid."

for the life of me, i can't remember where i read that. it hit me on the head like a falling brick. my mother ingrained the first part, and i've spent a lifetime trying to achieve the second. no, you don't have to be a genius, rather knowledgeable. having acquired the habit from my grandfather, i'll file this with my collection of sayings. i don't look at them very often, in order not to humiliate myself. still, maybe i'll discover a bit of wisdom to change me for the better. let's see, in the last couple weeks: 

The worst thing: to be trapped inside of one of your own creations. 

We die every night when we go to sleep. 

Be quotable.

Hire the best writer.

Since I could do nothing but perfection, I did little.

The way to happiness: enjoy the pain.

The best thing you can do for yourself: find a mentor.

If you can't tell your truth in one short sentence, forget it.

Life is a gamble you lose. 

Everybody has the ability to build a better mousetrap.

We're complicated enough to be unique.

I wish winning lasted as long as losing.

Even a child prodigy has a knack for something that already exists.

As long as enough crumbs fall under the table, I'm fine.

The person you love is 72.8% water.

Theoretically, we wouldn't miss someone we never knew. 

In the end I have a lot of hunches, but few certainties. 

When a person dies, a library is lost.

We start out knowing everything and end up knowing nothing.

We act as if our personal likes and dislikes were really important.

If you turn the other cheek, guard it with a sword.

Don't try to do everything, try to do nothing, it's harder.

They talk about the 'mind' as though it exists. 

Only give up a vice if it's not what you live for.

If I'm a demon here on earth, there is no need to fear the hereafter.

Never trust a naked man with your overcoat. 

The weakness of individualism: we can only love our own children.

To change the world, I would have everyone love children, ALL children,

i am addicted to reading and writing these: