Thursday, July 11, 2013

legend of the one-handed juggler

If I get used to this, I'm a fool.

            Once we've conquered nature, we won't exist.

Enlightenment was a waste of good sex. 

         I lost my innocence with the grasp of things.

Idle hands create more laws.

              Only what I didn't do did I do to perfection.

I've given up trying to defeat my dreams.

        Yes, I'll be your sex-object for the day.

"I carry my defeat like a banner of victory." (Fernando Pessoa)

          If you think you deserve it, you probably don't. 

Senility has it's advantages.

                      He talked himself under the problem.

If you go looking for truth, be sure you miss it.

                        When you found the answer, you fell into the pit of ignorance.

Even the wise need a bit of folly for fun.

              He made a fortune and had no luck.

Too much comfort prevents the unexpected, too little paralyzes thought.

         If I took myself more seriously, I'd have to start laughing.

Growing up is only for those with nothing better to do.

                     Epitaph: It is better left unsaid. 

If your opponent leaves you alone, you can't be doing much.

                 Without controversy evil would never be uncovered.

"No one does anything from a single motive." (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) 

                                  Just because you're bigger!

We remember only the unexpected.

              He enjoyed digging his own grave, the exercise. 

Thousands knew, only one spoke up.

                             He got out before it was an accident.

I'm at the age where I always ask: Is he still alive?

             If I lived each day like it were the last, I'd certainly run up a
 lot of credit-card debt.

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