Thursday, November 14, 2013

"One lives in hope of becoming a memory." (Antonio Porchia)

He existed only in his imagination.

               She often thought him into existence.

  "The personal is political" invites the government into the bedroom. 

                              Most secrets tell us too much.

When a sperm meets an egg, what do they say?

              He followed the map and thus never caught up with it.

You are the illusion you are looking at.

                           It takes two to make a mistake.

     You can't always tell if the sun's going down, or coming up.

Don't worry about the impossible until you've done it.

                    I could have been anything, but I'm not. 

             Leap before you look.

If you can tell where your body is, you can't tell where your mind is. If the mind, not the body.

                 Don't reform your life. It's all you have.

         Words create better pictures than words do.

                              To become a child again all you have to do is look.

If you want to know the man, find the child.

                                             After he married he began to look human.

            Everything that ever happened is a product of my imagination.

The only thing I could understand were the comments in the margins.

                        They talk about growing up, but actually we slump.

     I wish I could be where I am.

                                   If you see a stranger in the mirror, you've got a problem.

              Only those who deceive themselves live well.

If he'd have lived as he wished, he'd have been miserable.

                         He came late in the breeding cycle.

            Being a success takes too much time.

    Once you realize you don't really want what you long for, you're free. 

           seems mostly made-up to me: