Saturday, August 10, 2013

A claustrophobic candle lights a fire.

To youth nothing is final.

            I've said everything somewhere. Fortunately, I can't find it.

   Is victory in a desert really worth it?

Too much order and you lose the ability to improvise.

                         Pornography is a joke.

    He needed to die, but he didn't have time.

Don't let me stumble over your truth.

          If truth were true, everyone would recognize it.

All governments lie.

                    I remember all the times I wasn't there.

    The now can be a nightmare.

                              Freedom of choice is not really freedom. You have to choose.

Every president needs a war.

                 "Americans want a president who will kill for them."  Arthur Miller  

I'm an introvert who can't stop talking.

                                  Mortality applies to everyone but ourselves.

     The flood came too late.

            The silent ones said the most.

                                       How can a country accommodate so many losers?

Truth is generally another name for opinion.

              The first time he saw the stars he thought he understood them.

    Some countries can only be ruled by despots some groups hate each other so much.

                          Don't let your dream girl get physical.

      Sex is only interesting when it gets you in trouble.

"Be a man!", they say. But - aren't all men mortal?

                                               She's just my hype.

                   He sat on his tombstone, still undecided what to do.

     The house always wins.

Playing a game is like faking an orgasm.

                                       It cost him a fortune to get something for nothing.

                He quit while he was ahead and fell behind. 

Debt made him ordinary.

                                    Losers never lie alone. 

        The big problem is what to do after you've won?

                        There are good thoughts and fun ones.

Whether you've won or lost, you've lost.

                                    Being awake is not all it's cracked up to be. 

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