Saturday, June 8, 2013

hmm, what is privacy, anyway?

  "The internet broke the private-public wall: Impulsive and inelegant utterances that used to be kept private are now available for literal interpretation."
                                      Nassim Taleb

Fracturing the light: a government snooping program called 'Prism.'

If everything were known about you, what would happen?

Are they also looking for acts of generosity?

These huge technological companies are the government. 

The problem has become too much information. 

Tell them more than they want to know, it will confuse them.

You got out of the draft by telling them you wanted to kill people. 

Type is hype. 

Can technology keep ahead of our stupidity?

Personal privacy may be far important to the state than it realizes.

Privacy equals vitality. 

We've always complained no one listens to us. Now we're upset when we find out the government does. 

Am I really that interesting? Who would care to know so much?

Americans aren't very sensitive to silence.

Of course, there's always the danger a confused government will harm innocent people. 

Innocence is done by the young, and practised by the aged. 

Innocence is relative to your point of view. 

The extreme right would control my actions, the extreme left my thoughts.

Terrorist vocabulary used to advertise every thriller, horror, mystery movie made.

A therapist doesn't have the freedom of a psychic. 

The extreme left makes the personal political in order to invade the deepest recesses of our being. 

An inefficient government leaves the people free.

Don't make an institution your parent. They don't know love. 

Increasing knowledge expands delusions. 

Guilt comes from unshared knowledge. 

Those who say thank you don't need to pray.

The heart of America is invention. 

By the time we got to the other side he'd learned to paddle. 

     "The very act of observing disturbs the system"

                                                                         Werner Heisenberg. 

9/11 letters (excerpts) oct. 24 - nov. 26, 2001: