Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what a fantastic modern art museum this 18 million dollar parking garage would make!

i'm awake at 3:41 in the morning, wanting to cry. my young architect friend, suzanne monaco,  killed on the streets of san francisco last week, has me looking at buildings. the edifice going up in the middle of town horrifies me, at least most of the time. yesterday i really looked at where the construction's presently at, and i stood amazed. right at this very moment the cement rising up is magnificent, soon to be covered with kitsch. 

you can read all about the plans for the place here:  http://www.csuchico.edu/fcp/projects/parking.shtml#

and the justifications for spending the money on a parking garage when the town aching for income. even a blind person could run their hands over this form and realize what a fantastic modern art museum this would make.  there are forces in town that could realize this dream. for example, an organization called MONCA, promised prime works by california greats by a local collector, 350 of them looking for a home. http://monca.org/

what an honor this institution could be, and a huge draw for the populace. people would come for miles to see the works (and those which would be donated). alas, i know it won't happen and the water running down my face isn't because i'm taking a shower. semi-anonymous forces raise monsters of ingratitude, insults like this present  glorious set of ribs and they don't know when to quit, not knowing what they have, what could be. only with a human intervention could the building be saved from transforming. if only the vision weren't missing. 

hopefully, i can go back to sleep. like most people i'll learn to live with the monstrosity to come, which will quickly look normal on Normal Street. only the death of a visionary friend makes me temporarily able to see what might have been. i walked around the block, taking pictures and wishing i had the power to change the direction of the state. fat chance. those in charge wish to cut the funds for education to make up for the state short-fall. without an individual taste for mystery, beauties rarely happen, usually only  facades of ordinary infamy. 

what was that 60's song, i think maybe joni mitchell, about ...they made it into a parking-lot? go look now. it will never look this magnificent again.