Friday, January 21, 2011

"Women are the reason men do everything."

i never quite thought of it that way. alan s. miller and satoshi kanazawa, evolutionary psychologists, assert this bold statement as the basis for why beautiful people have more daughters. men in all societies compete vigorously for access to sex.

wow, older men more likely to murder young wives. guess i could see that one coming. pretty hard to keep them away from the young bucks (or at least the jealously makes total sense). i've learned my lesson. no more cute young things.

now, that's partly a lie. i love to look. that's how i've gotten to survive as a bachelor all these years. my present hero the czech photographer miroslav tichy. this guy snapped the women of his town in celebration of them, though he then stamped all over the printed photographs. google his images. quick glances make every woman beautiful.

of course, though my mother long dead, i'm still trying to impress her. she maintained i was born to do great things. i mean, she actually said it. unfortunately, she despaired at my choice of girl friends and the desire to hang out it strange wildernesses far from the deeds of real men. see the photos i've just posted and you'll see what i mean. a walk in the woods:

yes, damn it, my whole life dedicated to impressing the female of the species. i can't deny it, looking at all the poems beginning they danced all night on the m.s. dixie and i want to worship you, but i'm having a tough time. these odes to romance rolled along for forty years!

alan and satoshi make remarkable strides with their mantra. for example, what makes bill gates and steve jobs like the usual suspects (criminals)? they use their genius when young to get into either a pair of panties or a bank safe. growing older and less interested in hot wires and flashy nightclubs, both members of the piratical class taper off, committing less larceny and changing their grand children's diapers more.

and if this statement true, it certainly explains why women ultimately rule the roost. and here's more examples of our roost being renovated: