Thursday, February 11, 2010

the big bang, or, who, exactly is to blame?

this evening i'm thinking about sex. thinking, that's as far as i've gotten. why does it seem so dangerous? i once read we fear its power, that it can bring down presidents. well, do we need more proof? clinton's cigar led to all today's troubles with the economy, war, and dreams of the future. for want of a match, the world was lost!

yes, i understand less about sex than i did at 14. at least at that age it consisted of dirty jokes in the junior high hallway. and women swearing in public? it just didn't happen. the first time i passed the door of a kitchen where a table of girls were swearing like sailors, it sent a shock throughout my universe. now, today, that certainly can't happen. everytime i walk down main street...

and i prefer this new situation. the liberation of women has freed us all. for what, i'm not quite sure. sex seems to cause us as much trouble as ever. we don't have a culture of rusty-coathangers and back-room operations. still, sex gets us in trouble. and i'm not really in favor of abstinence. between a rock and a hard place, that's where i am.

i mean, what a crazy world where the mighty fall when found out. a famous golfer gets caught putting into the wrong... you know what i mean. and the powerful can't even enjoy their status, which should put them in the realm of steady and various satisfactions. eisenhower had a mistress (who would have thought), not to mention FDR. and JFK plus marilyn monroe, that's a movie yet to be made. (was he killed for messing with a gangster's moll? that's one theory.) no wonder we bottom-feeders live in fear!

these thoughts come to mind due to photos by lewis carrol shown in class today. somehow he pictured little girls being seductive. (he told them stories while photographing - not the lewd kind, as we know.) he had the knack of making them want something from him. (later it's called 'highschool charm'.) no, it's not sex, but seduction. the promotion of desire to get something. and boy, do we know that one. every other billboard in america uses the alice technique. this works so well cause danger and satisfaction go together like a horse and carriage.

yes, i'm mixing my metaphors, the only way to approach this subject in a jaded land. work's much safer than sexcapades and most of us know it. yet, temptation is sweet and sin its own reward. and didn't america invent the big bang, whereas the ancient romans would have called it 'jupiter's orgasm' and been completely satisfied?