Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i'm a glutton for simplicity

damn, it's happened again. when will i every learn? i've always been a miniaturist when it comes to gadgets, cars, and women. yet i tend  to believe bigger is better, fancier is finer. 

for example, this winter, bored with snapping photos, i decided to get up to speed in another area:  music. i bought several elegant programs for composing computer music, five ukuleles, one electric guitar, two amps, and twenty-five books, researching the delta blues again. all this quite exiting, and expensive. i purchased off amazon, returned, acquired more. and in the end what did it come down too?

that beautiful, incredibly heavy electric ax barely picked up and never played. the littlest uke of solid wood the one i can't resist. all the how-to books molder on the shelf, for i'm an eternal improviser, not a real musician. the tiniest amp hooked on my belt works best for the blue uke and the banjo, while the best amp rests in a corner, gathering dust. as for the computer programs, i played with them for awhile and they've been buttoned up for months. 

this happened with photography too. over a period of eight years i squandered at least twenty thousand dollars. dozens of lenses, eighteen cameras big and small, carrying cases, tripods, on and on. at thirteen i decided to become a writer instead of an artist cause all it took for the first was a pencil and paper,  for the second i'd need god knows what (and now i know what). true, at the moment i'm drawing on a seven inch android tablet with my fingers, just like in the second grade, this after millenniums of corel painter and photoshop

as for the ladies, i can't handle one over five feet two and even that is problematical. a big woman blows me away. not that i've been able to succeed in that department, but at least i've learned a limitation needed, plus others i've never practiced, to my shame and doom. 

oh, and i ended up loving one simple camera, the sigma dp2s, fixed lens, nothing complicated. 

posted a new series of drawings: http://www.pbase.com/wwp/matisse

and added more discoveries to the androids: http://www.pbase.com/wwp/android