Thursday, May 13, 2010

conspiracy theory as a grab for power

i hope this doesn't happen to you, a least not more than once. after a viewing of the movie 'white ribbon' about a village in northern germany prior to wwi where the adults turn all their children into evil demons, i got talking with a guy who seemed reasonable.

that's the way these people suck you in. you think you're having a rational discussion, actually being listened too. eventually, however, the truth is revealed. they will tell you the cia bringing all the drugs into the country to ruin people (he said it), and then, of course 9/11, the buildings deliberately blown up from within. it goes on and on.

suddenly, you're being dominated, brutalized by the supposed logic of all this. and if you bring up anything else, that suddenly is a huge conspiracy. the point of all this is to escape responsibility. for example, turns out he's getting medical aid from the state of california, which probably means he's got disability and living on the dole. he constantly bit the hand that feeds him, basically us who pay taxes, though the villains called obama, reagan, etc.

if you try to say 'politics is the art of the possible' and 'we here live higher on the hog than the majority of people in the world,' he/she will brush it off. 'they' are always doing it and never 'me'.

facts of ill-doing explode into what he said at the end, as i refused to partake any more, 'i believe all people are evil.' and that too may be at the basis of conspiracy theorists. i told him what i thought, 'to believe in such stuff is to waste your life.' but as i drove home, i realized, in a sense, it's not. you've something to completely occupy your mind, you can bludgeon other people in any situation without revealing your own hypocrisy, a great way to be self-righteous and get not just a feeling of power but actually, by pretending to partake in democracy, and then demolishing any possibility of it.

so, if you have any conspiracy theory friends, realize they're no friend at all, using you as a front.

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