Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what if my life is a dvd?

that thought occurred to me long before the technology existed. when i was 14 i realized a god wouldn't be necessary if there were no beginning and no end. in other words everything goes in circles. like a laser beam my consciousness travels along a groove. 

this does play into the old saw of predestination. well, let's say i'm a stack of dvd's, one playing now, another later. theoretically i'd have many cross tracks, new music constantly created from the old matter. and, of course, 5,999,999,999 other tunes would be in progress, and that's what makes the planet pretty messy. 

however, let's simplify: one disk at a time. here i am a story recorded on hard matter. my thoughts travel in familiar territory (deja vu). if the boom box big bang working correctly, i could be re-started anywhere, beginning wherever my mind happened to land. thus, time as we know it, doesn't exist. it's not time-travel, it's my-travel. as you ask, is there any wiggle room? does the disk get worn out, played over and over? can it crack? 

hmm, maybe that's a way into the problem. no, that assumes time exists. time only exists if there is a beginning and an end. our humanity based on an error, in that case. we suffer not knowing we'll never be born and never die. alas, this flies in the face of science, it throws us back into a cyclical view of the universe. am i discovering already known moments! can we really say the film can't be played backwards? i keep asking myself the most obvious questions. ah, i'm already leading a virtual life.

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