Thursday, September 5, 2013

Investigation into the Vanity of Storks

Storks have a habit of delivering to the wrong address.

Storks are great gamblers, often staking their packages.

Beware of bored storks.

Never trust a stork. 

The stork refused to take the package back. 

A stork can make or break your day.

Storks have a lousy sense of direction (but a great sense of humor). Every stork born a practical joker. 

After the duel, the surviving stork didn't know what to do with the extra package. 

Never cross swords with a stork.

Stork Delivery System: "We always make mistakes."

Don't take a stork in training.

The new stork recruits had barrels of fun with the robot babies. 

There is a stork in your future.

A stork flying backwards is a bad sign.

If storks didn't pretend to be preachers. I'd trust them more.

Fear the stab of a card-playing stork.

The absorbing story of the stork caught reading porn.

When a stork gets stuck, what can a chimney-sweeper do?

Has there ever been a singing stork?

When in the mood, storks are great entertainers.

Why did they call it The Stork Club?

Storks can certainly look like stuffed shirts.

Stork: the only bird you can imagine wearing a tuxedo.

Storks have the ability to take a terrible revenge.

If the Ancient Mariner had shot a stork and not an albatross, he'd have come undone much quicker. 

To quiet our fears we pretend storks bring good-luck. 

Storks like to keep their feet warm.

Do wise people build fake chimneys for storks?

in opposition to the air, i've gone under the sea: