Sunday, March 13, 2011

plutonium rain (one last song)

sitting by the seaside
waiting for the rain
exactly what was it
humanity didn't learn?

years ago during an anti-nuclear evening , i gave a speech, at one point raising my fist and saying, 'a ball of plutonium this size could slay every human on the planet. all it takes is one molecule each.' needless to say, my warning went unheeded, and today, march 13, 2011, after an earthquake in japan a plutonium reactor in danger of exploding and releasing a death cloud.

if this happens, will the northern hemisphere be toast? given the wind-directions, after the sea-islands, california would be the first to be visited. good gravy, should i buy that ticket for buenos aires now, and turn it in if my alarm unjustified? or do i wish to go with those i love?after all, i've had a good life. when all your friends are gone, there's no one to laugh at your jokes. alas, your story's already been lost.

of course i could put my fears on the internet, send them around the world and get everybody north of the equator upset. no, i won't do that. remember, you've always been apocalyptic, waiting for the sky to fall. evidently my mother walked into my room at midnight without knocking one too many times. every time i've tried meditation, the slightest sound jerks me out of my revery.

yet, there's a saying, sometimes paranoia is justified. Cuban missile crisis, 1961. your passing through hiroshima, 1985, and walking for days around nagisaki, melted bottles and watches on display at the epicenter. we did have drills in grade school, hiding under desks. you did live on desert chemical depot as a teenager, surrounded by old -barbed-wire and gun towers from ww2, not to mention playing in old training fields at fort lewis, washington, while listening to machine-gun practice from the front living room.

ah, and gloria, my first psychic, said i helped invent the device that blew up atlantis. there's the clincher.

time to hide my head in the sand,
maybe only my bottom will burn.
yes, i'm like everyone else,
with way too much left to learn.

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