Monday, January 11, 2010

what's wrong with the news

1. it's all bad. the world falling apart.

2. you can't do anything about it.

3. everything has to be a drama.

4. this leads to it being 90% speculation.

5. and facts boring cause they end the story.

i just watched

not realizing swayze died in september 09. even more poignant: the film directed by and acted with his wife.

the character he plays feels he can make anything happen, simply through will. he eventually learns to conquer through surrender.

oddly, i thought, 'now he's beyond profit and loss.' yes, he's no longer subject to the news, the hope it will get better, the feeling it never will.

today i browsed through

it's embarrassing to realize you know almost nothing of the world's state! that so many countries even exist. no, we're not interested in facts, no, not really. we want passion, death, stolen children, blown up barracks. anything less puts us to sleep. stories rule our existence, and we can't get enough of them.

unfortunately, the end of one means the beginning of another. the media abhors a vacuum. and the news created as fast as it is consumed.

one magazine i find different, though it strikes a rather elitist (rich person's) note:

it investigates what's happening in small business and design around the world, as well as what's developing in tiny, almost invisible regions. it's unique in that it somehow stresses the positive, despite dire reports from countries in africa, etc. there's a sense of people actually creating places for human habitation.

the worst: most news makes us feel being alive means being on the edge of extinction. though i know the swayze report will eventually come to me, i'm hoping tomorrow it will be announced: there is a cure for life! and it's here, not on another planet.

i've posted pictures of pre-carnival venice and greece 1992. it's important to realize you have done something, even as the headlines stated it impossible.