Friday, March 12, 2010

why people take drugs

hah, you think this is a question he can't answer. everybody different. you can't make up a theory covering the whole spectrum. well, folks, i will.

every society has its chosen hallucinogens. in the rainforest the pigmy's smoke a root. in china opium. in america the legal drugs coffee and alcohol. don't kid yourself. the country runs on caffeine during the day and recovers at night with booze.

however i'm thinking more of magic mushrooms, heroin and marijuana. the forbidden stuff. and why is it proscribed? it isn't conducive to the assembly line, the lawyer's office. they make us want to do less rather than more. and productivity is everything. keep the computers and factories busy. and if the permitted chemicals don't suffice, join a religion and do good works. work, work, work makes jack a dull boy. and i'm guilty of it myself. i'm a secret workaholic. very tiring and not much fun, i can tell you. very seldom is my brain not in overdrive.

ah, but you say, being occupied keeps your mind off things. exactly. and it deadens you to the immediate surroundings. when you have insomnia in the middle of the night, you're trying to protect yourself against death (sleep). and yet how many of these solutions suffice in morning? usually none. you've coughed up the phlegm of speculation for nothing. and we all know how our jobs can destroy marriages.

so, why the illegals? they bring back the sense of wonder. on shrooms everything in your surroundings blossoms with brilliance, color, you look at things the way you haven't since you were two. or heroin. i lived with a druggie lover. one night i returned home after leaving in the middle of an argument. she'd shot up. said, 'even if you kicked me it would feel good.' this substance basically prozac on steroids.

marijuana interrupts your thoughts. you can't continue with obsessive thinking. suddenly you forget your train of habitual logic and you have to laugh at yourself. obviously this doesn't fit with the focused labor which keeps us wealthy and out of the poor-house.

any habitual use of stimulants may lead to addiction. you don't create anything and smoke your day away. but you'd rather have that than be a zombie on the commuter train. yes, childish for sure. compelling in an industrial world? certainly.