Friday, January 7, 2011

good gravy, i really am a white people

imagine my dismay when i picked up a book called "what white people like" and found it nailed me 80%. what happened to my individuality? how did other people come to brag about their trips to japan? or photography, the fact we'll keep clicking pictures til we die, a little blur making it 'art'?

of course, it's like my college teacher friends. the students insist they're each unique. the professor looks up and sees everyone dressed the same way. as my friend dennis palumbo said, 'americans torn cause they're in a double-bind. the culture says, "go your own way. make your mark" while raising all kinds of obstacles like 'be a good boy. the perfect girls does...' '

yes, looking out on the street from starbucks in san francisco, i see hunched people pass, all ages, ethnic backgrounds, the obviously well-heeled and those picking up cigarette butts, and i wonder 'how the hell do they cope?' and along with this i'm amazed the u.s. works at all. what a grumble, a mix-up. while we pursue a war, we cut the budget. to keep up with china we close schools, all the while knowing the best-educated populace will win.

yes, we like sushi, microbrews (our town has one of the most famous: sierra nevada), and foreign films. as for the last i'm in seventh-heaven, having just signed up for netflix. last nite i watched 'andalusian dog' and 'paris', salivating all the way. boy, did i go to bed happy. yes, i always shop at the co-op and eat organic foods. YOU SHOULD SEE MY SUPPLEMENTS. i pull down a whole shelf-full every morning, rattling the house as i open the bottles with caplets and pills.

and to top it all off, i brag about it. alas, as my friend marilyn said yesterday, 'we always brag about ourselves, our taste, or something, in every conversation. i keep catching myself at it.' ah, what is a blog but a boast-fest. we definitely follow the ancient celts and brits who beat their chests before and after battle (if they survived).

now, i must make a caveat. i strongly suspect these american traits, ethnic identity having nothing to do with it. you'll have to tell me whether i'm right or wrong.

on that note, our co-housing settlement getting a facelift. see the pictures here: