Thursday, April 21, 2011

ordeal by roses: memories of a callow youth

gosh, i really haven't talked much about sex. what i mean to say is here. of course i stood in the junior high halls hearing various tales recounted. even then i could stand only so much concerning the reproductive organs. after an hour my stomach revolted.

the same thing happened on a plane to new york. a black pimp from san francisco sat next to me, eager to share his brothel stories. and again, for sixty minutes i delighted in the underbelly of human endeavors. alas, my interest gave out and i did not look at the briefcase of pictures he volunteered to share. turns out, he loved parading them before his family in ohio.

oh well, my ignorance is boundless and my own experiences back in the stone age. true, we almost made it to the hooker's ball at the cow palace in san francisco, 1978. i think we were all too fuzzy from the magic mushrooms. in north beach all the doors seemed built for midgets and the people in bars acted out bizarre scenes from batman. i suspect it must have all been too much for us.

and the two american prostitutes who sat down at my table in bali had just arrived from china. this in 1985. one had been frightened by the experience, the other brash. "we were probably the first ladies of the night to practice in that ancient land since the revolution." i felt a bit nervous with these pros, as the fish nibbled on the lotus blossoms in the pool by our feet.

a few times in my writing i have slipped over the edge into unholy fantasy. hopefully, those indecent missives buried deep in my storage locker. i do recall tall, dark women waving little red flashlights and laughing under a grey night-time overpass in san francisco. they certainly seemed to be feeling no pain. ah, but i remember the burnt-out young woman sitting on a windowsill outside city lights books, a moving and sad sight.

even though i'm too old for sex, i'm looking forward the erotica project at the blue room theatre strictly as an anthropologist. possibly, i'll learn what i should have at twenty-two. my pictures of roses will be on the lobby wall.

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