Monday, April 4, 2011

when you judge others, you must be perfect yourself

the amanda knox case making me a bit crazy, bringing out the best and worst in me. not the trials and jails so much, as the amazing opinions people have voiced on the basis of only headline knowledge.

in a way i can't blame them cause i did the same. the lurid story of sex and murder involving a beautiful young woman, that's a perfect piece for national enquirer, yet how many people believe that tabloid? or the papers in the UK, the most slanderous and slimy in the world? they had a field day.

what's actually worse, reading comments on the web. i found the best and the worst in a thread on a site called and i'd like to present them. remember, judging others, you damn yourself.

which should i present first, the impossible or the likely? guess i'll do the first. it's more entertaining.

I'm a psychotherapist, and that doesn't mean that I know anything, but I'm over 60y/o and I tend to know Crazy when I see it. I see a psychotic look in her eye.
She said to a Jewish guy: "My people (German) killed your people" and she laughed and laughed and kept saying it. I've seen this kind of 'evil' before. It's an attempt, as one sadistic person put it: "to mess with the insides of the brain" That was the true intent of a laughter with a comment as the above.
This chick has a "Sexual Personality Disorder" with another diagnosis of "sexual fetishism of some sort." Sadism, tho rarely seen in women, is pretty horrific and can even be more creative and bizarre than seen in male sadists.
I agree w/one of the posters who suggested that there were 2 Amandas. These people can create as many of themselves as they choose. They aren't like Multiples, b/c a Multiple Personality has 'no choice' and the underlying character is changed. Amanda had a choice when she had her out of control blood thing, she did when she accused that innocent bar owner.
It's amazing how people can say how this girl is normal.
MOST schzophrenia episodes occur during the time when an 18-22 y/o is first away from home
Either way, God help us if "she" is outta jail. I mean, you wouldn't want Manson outta Jail? I know the details haven't been all air tighted etc. But the smell in the air says "knox is one sick child." Even if she had no role in the murders, which I can't believe, she is one sick puppy and isn't the person her "friends"
and mother describe.

now i know why my doctor friend thinks pyschiatrists evil! hope you never went to this one.

here's the second quote:

I am a journalist, live in italy and follow this case very well from the beginning. I am absolutely sure that Amanda Knox is innocent, and so is as well her boyfriend. There is no proof against them, just nothing: no blood, no DNA, no camera's, no witness. The killer is Guede. All the proof, DNA, blood, fingerprints: on the body, in the bed, in the room, in the bathroom is from Guede. This boy escaped immediately after the murder and was only found because of his DNA, sperm and blood in te bed and on the body of the victim. There has been lots of bull shit in the newspapers about Knox; I am afraid that she became somehow a kind of wet dream of lots of male journalists.- and some of the comments above. This Knox was just a normal girl, happy, in love with her Italian boyfriend, before that her room mate has been murdered. She is not 'normal'anymore: a weird kind of celebrity, nearly a year in prison and a shock about everything what happened

these from sept 29, 2008, and it's gone from bad to worse with uninformed opinion. sad so many live in the hell of impossible perfection.