Monday, June 27, 2011

dad died at 53, grandpa at 99+, what are the odds?

                                                              Rudy Giscombe

i guess what i'm asking myself is, if i've got thirty more years, do i really want them? that doesn't seem an idle question. if i haven't succeeded in realizing my childhood dreams, extra time may just be more of the same failure, with diminishing physical resources. not a matter of aging, rather of being productive to the end.

admittedly, i'm now addicted to the TED talks - they can be watched anywhere in the world, that's the good; they're given by people with a lot of vitality, education, and excellent health, that's what makes me think: if i haven't got it now, will i ever? and as i've said before, it becomes very obvious i can't do it alone. 

take the case of steve jobs, apple atlas. he gave a speech a couple years at stanford, all the more poignant for the fact his cancer has re-arrived and he may not be with us long. he's resurrected himself before, i hope he can do it again. i say this though i'm a pc guy and always felt mac's over-rated and expensive. beautiful designs though and part of why told in this talk.

he doesn't seem to fit the mold of the older folks studied in this talk: they all live in old-time faith-based communities. however, once his autobiography comes out, and i hope he's writing one as we speak, it may be his community connections what have sustained him. ah, and he'll more than likely go at the age i am now. that's a sad story. 

another community fellow just died in my home town, you can read his story here:    i'll always remember his warmth and smile when he'd say hello. he's somebody everybody in town misses at the moment. if he gets his own artist bench downtown, we'll be reminded of him for a long time, these seats an important local tradition. and maybe where he sat in the park will have a brass plaque: rudy played his saxophone here. 

lots of questions, only a few good answers. so far no pill will enhance my chances. here's from a cartoon by hugh mccleod: you've been dead only a few hours and already nobody cares.  check hugh out at you'll be glad you did.