Friday, August 26, 2011

how i overcame my millenarian instincts and became young again

yes, i was one of those. in my first poems i didn't want anything from the mechanical modern world, no cars, telephones, typewriters, yet i gradually gave  up. however, i did use a manual typewriter til 1995 when i decided to write my opus cloud watcher, a firelookout's book of days. (you can read a few excerpts here:   (i can't reveal the rest until i'm either dead or don't need a job, whichever comes first.)

then the dam broke in 2002 when i lurched into photography. twenty or more thousand dollars later the gear piled up in my closet, the cameras depreciating and the lenses going up. i rather like googling my name, as it's the first of the hundred wayne peases in america to come up:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c0bea07e605a791b&biw=1920&bih=909  my snail's trace across the canvases of francis bacon.

okay, so i burned out. i admit these days i feel photography is a dead art (forgive me all you passionate clickers). the greatest pictures made in the early days and digital turned everyone into a decent if not great photog. yes, i do like looking at my pics, as i do my poems, always surprised they came thru me.

i'm sick with drawing, that's where my passion yowls this eve. my droid x phone transforms me into the artist i always want to be. scroll down the page and see the depths into which i've descended: and of course this has whet my appetite for a better instrument.

xoom, aspire, pandigital, vizio, nook, i've bought them all and returned them. nothing matched my phone, until today. true, the ipad arrived this week and i felt i'd gone on the gold standard (much as i admire steve jobs i don't care for apple), given completely in. i dragged myself to the local verizon store to set up a hot spot for it. and damned if i didn't come away with what i needed and loved: a galaxy tab. the ipad goes back tomorrow!

and i must say, all the really young bumpkins bumping into me with their smartphones these days don't seem so foreign.