Saturday, July 21, 2012

is living forever such a wise idea?

wise, i don't know. i wouldn't mind being a beta-tester, given certain conditions. for example, no wrinkles and back-aches. those are out. no diets, no skipping the salt and evening cocktail, definitely unlimited possibilities for arousal (and satisfaction), assuming children wouldn't be born and over-populate the planet. 

aii, there's the rub. i once read if no flies died, within six months they'd have covered the earth. i wouldn't be able to take a breath without sucking in a winged and rather nasty tasting creature. and if no human beings died, would their be enough barbers to keep up? and in the process, obviously only those with means would be able to afford the genetic methods necessary.

evidently the scientific progress in this direction will make such issues the talk of the town. of course, as the lower classes die off, robots building robots to farm the fields and take out the garbage could pick up the slack. on the other hand, a new buddha might show up to ask her daddy, 'why are those poor people getting old while we never do?' i suspect she might start a revolution. i mean, would us feeders on the bottom take this lying down?

advantages, i must consider the advantages. i could, should i live forever, take one of those exciting inter-stellar space-flights in the offing. so what if it takes twenty light years to reach the next star, i've got the time. and if everything can be genetically replaced, what about giving me more smarts? i haven't handled myself too well in this lifetime. damned if i can get the top number on the blood pressure calculator to go down. in this futuristic universe my physical condition wouldn't matter. gee, i could abuse every known substance. i wouldn't even have to get on a space-ship to take some pretty interesting trips.

there you have it, no answer. do the pros out-weigh the cons? perhaps. i've been worried my artist friend Peter Jodaitis' work will vanish for pennies at a yard sale. in an attempt to preserve his immortality, i've put photos of his work online. after all, maybe that's the solution. we can live forever, but not in our bodies? you say that's been thought of? well, nothing like re-inventing the wheel. 

Nudes by Peter Jodaitis:

Peter Jodaitis: creating the Bestiary:

Peter Jodaitis: a sketchbook of nudes: