Saturday, October 19, 2013

thoughts at the end of fire season

Epitaph: still looking.

            He didn't want a career, he wanted a life.

   How can you find yourself if you aren't lost?

                             The opposite of every truth is another truth.

She was a pop tart. 

         I hope I've written enough in favor of what I don't believe.

                          Can you remember what remembering was like?

I don't mind repeating what I've never heard.

            One wave makes an ocean.

                         After it fell, the stone didn't love the ground so much.

   He liked the fact he'd created God in his own image.

                                        Too much remembering leaves out a lot.

           If your language is new, you'll have to teach it.

                             Basically, I'm not into drawing attention to myself, except when I'm absent.

                                Don't be distracted by 'reasons.'

             She's more fun than money.

                                          He wanted something new, but could only think in terms of the old.

                                 Only a plagiarist knows a good thing when he sees it.

      If only space weren't so crowded.

                 He was a solution looking for a problem.

                               By mixing categories he came up with a grey area.

  Being patient and being passive aren't the same thing.

            He'd better lose, or he'll be a different man tomorrow!

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