Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End Notes: 2013

What matters is the state you put yourself in.

If you're made of clay, don't go out in the rain.

To survive each other we have to have rules.

I can make the world larger simply by being ignorant.

Can you choose the wrong path deliberately?

Strange how a scar can be stronger than the skin.

To be heard the stick must be broken.

The Devil likes bargains.

The Big Bang made Nothing messy.

What if the Big Bang blew apart the Big Thing?

I had fun trying to fill up the Void.

The Abyss didn't like me looking into it.

Don't drive a car if you're afraid to step on the gas.

Just when I got used to being nothing, something happened.

Since our thoughts have so much power, we want someone else to handle them.

Am I the only one in the audience laughing?

I wove the cloak of invisibility, and it didn't keep me warm.

Whenever I didn't act on impulse, I felt I'd failed myself.

Who knows what you will be next?

Okay, you can join my other ghosts.

           some quotes from the poet Octavio Paz:                       http://www.pbase.com/wwp/paz