Sunday, July 15, 2007


i've a million theories. one is that as part of evolution human beings are learning to live on artificial substances in human-made environments. here's a poem on the subject.


What a painful process, this
learning to live in spaceships.
Artificial food, flourescent light,
tiny rooms, video-games and other
such adolescent passions. We
have to become fascinated by
models of the world, weaning
ourselves away from grass, trees,
picnics, the steady influence
of the moon. We have to shake
up our body's timetable, punishing
it with clocks, drugs, passionate
thought instead of passionate
action, not to mention hypnotizing
ourselves with electronic dials
that glow in the dark. What a
frustration to live in such an
imperfect world! We have to
drive ourselves crazy with concrete,
riots, recessions, crime, all in
order to shake our love of this
existence, to seek a new
heaven far beyond the stars.
Alas, we have to raise our energy
level to mostrous heights beforee
we can blast off from our love
of each other, our love of mild
summer nights, baseball, icecream,
swimming in mountain lakes,
listening for the echoes to come back
from other human hearts. Going
to the stars is not for the faint-
hearted. You have to get used
to the infinite spaces in low
doses so they don't kill you with grief.

personally, i plan to be a doctor on a spaceship in my next lifetime!
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