Saturday, July 14, 2007

the sun's coming up

hi folks,


this is the first day of smokysun's heaven. since it is a new adventure in an unknown universe, it will take awhile to establish the laws and design. i would like it, of course, to be joyous, a celebration, and fun. alas, my black humor's bound to come through, and i'll start with a poem, despite lao tzu's warning, "The wise one who values his/her life refuses to become famous".

When dancing, we try to
shake off our genitals and be-
come angels, that's what a char-
acter in the movie said last
night. And just the other day
I read, "I try not to make the
angels cry." I thought that the
right guide to a good life. But
I make the angels cry all the
time, probably as much out of
laughter as pain. They must
be saying to themselves, "Look
at this guy, he's almost fifty-
five. He's had thirty-five lovers,
he's travelled in almost as many
countries, he's never had to
break stones for the road, yet
he thinks there must be an
easier way. He envies the married,
he envies parents, he envies
the golfball when it's been hit
hard and true. Given the life
of a poet he wants to be a
singer, given a song he wants
to play the races, winning
at poker he wants to go home
and make love to his sister."
Yes, I try not to make the
angels cry but I do it all the
time, and as I dance, trying
to lose all lust, I watch the woman
next to me, knowing she's no
angel either.

welcome to smokysun's heaven, the dawn of a new/old day!

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