Monday, May 16, 2011

when i got a harley davidson motorcycle, i got religion

my sister just sent me a fun email:

Well just when you think you know someone True I like to believe that life is stranger than fiction....but when Marge called and swore her life has changed because of some cd s recorded from the grave I gotta wonder well shes left me a copy in my mailbox and says I have to be in a very positive mood when i listen...

this got me thinking, especially since our father a minister and i've been amazed at how captivating the biblical stories are. what's it all about, religion, i mean?

1. most people pretty lonesome. freud said our primary urge to join a small group. a bridge club, a salsa society, you name it. and that's part of it. you can know the identity of every person. it's not like passing an endless stream of people on the street and feeling like a stranger.

2. this membership allows the lonely to limit their horizon. they no longer feel insignificant when looking at the stars from a fishing boat.

3. questions, we're overwhelmed with them. human beings born curious. watch those kids get into everything. too many questions. our subscription to the tea potty supplies the answers and gives us the opportunity to get up and shout. drugs at a dance do the same thing.

as for motorcycles, what else? the feeling of power surging between your knees. wow, that doesn't take a freud to tell what that's all about. and once you choose your machine, you trick it out like an alter, you make it all your own. yet, those rides, those meetings, sales at the dealer crowded with the like-minded. you're not alone.

a retired professor friend who bought a cruiser sent me this ad. i think it sums up what i'm saying. the myth: you are an individual. the truth: and joining others, you become the storm-troopers of the second millennium: