Saturday, June 9, 2012

i have the cure for the american economy!

hopefully that got your attention. of course, it sounds like a set-up for a joke. alas,  i'm most serious when i appear ridiculous. this the result of being a natural-born clown hiding behind a conventional disguise. this isn't really about me, though everything i say is. what i think comes from personal experience. as a thinker, i'm a washout. 

okay, i've teased you enough. what is my answer? in concept it's so simple as to appear brainless, given the political and financial realities. here it is. are you ready?  it's a two-step process, best activated together. first, universal, free wi-fi blanketing the country, including alaska, hawaii, and puerto rico. access for everyone. with cheap tablets and laptops spreading like wild-fire, everyone could take advantage of this service. you wouldn't even need to be at your local coffee-shop, though that's always desirable for what i have in mind.

ah, you say, that just means the air filled with nonsense. too true, too true. still, it's atoms bouncing off one another that heat up your soup. the second stage as important as the first, open-source technology. android would be an example. anyone can play with it. and here's my ultimate reason for proposing it. every american is an inventor. why? because in these united states, i have to create my own identity, and this was true of our ancestors as it is today.

how many of us have names changed by our immigrant grand-parents? my own grandfather left canada to escape some shady dealings (though i've never discovered what they were). he re-invented his life as a salesman and walnut-wrangler several times, shooting raccoons climbing over the fence to steal his peaches. supposedly, my father patented a type of automatic-transmission for autos. damn, maybe i'm rich and don't know it.

wasn't it einstein who said, when something seems original, you just don't know the source? and who was it said, bad writers copy, great writers steal? i remember reading an enlightening essay on the downside of creativity copyrights, the thesis being, this limits cross-pollination. shakespeare stole everyone of his plots and certainly hundreds of lines from his fellow playwrights. today, he'd be sued a thousand times over and writing mein kampf in prison.

unleash the tigers of american inventiveness. free access and communication the way to go. ben franklin didn't fly his kite for just fun, nor did the pop-top beer-can appear out of nowhere. my fellow-countrymen can invent their way out of a paper bag, not to mention this economic mess. onward and upward, i say, or as the motto on the pease coat of arms reads, sic itur ad astra, or pursue the stars. 

and damnation, i keep inventing art-forms instead of pursuing something that pays